i don’t think you understand how mad i am that this isn’t a full Snapback Direction photo

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"do you remember that one time when 1d—"

yes. i remember.


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CAN  I  CRY  ?


maybe louis will be nominated for an oscar for his incredible performance every time an interviewer hits on harry

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i think this is my favourite gif of harry like ever

I cant brea the

au where harry is at an open mic night with his band and he’s telling this really funny backstory of one of his songs and then he sees this really beautiful boy at the corner of of his eye and stops mid story to look at the really fit bartender who is leaning against the pillar with a smile on his face before realising that harry is looking at him and he suddenly blushes but can’t look away the silence hangs in the air for a while before someone tells him to “Get on with the fucking song” and harry says that he’ll “only start when he gets the name of the really fit boy working at the bar” so the guy squints up in amusement before opening his mouth laughing “it’s louis” and harry smiles and says “this one is for blue eyes” and begins the song.

Anonymous said: im 13 and my boyfriend wants me to spend the night what should i wear
meadeschraff said: So, my friends neighbors are in Idaho with Harry, and Harry went to see the little boys baseball game and sang the national anthem with him. He also is hanging out with them and stuff. The family did not even know Harry before this and he has been so kind and down to earth. :) Apparently the little boy was telling my friend how Harry has really cool foot tattoos. (The little boy is named Sam and is 6 years old, he was in the picture with Harry and the other little boy.)


don’t date anyone who doesn’t want to hear your favorite song, watch your favorite movie, read your favorite book

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