@NiallOfficial: Keep finding great pics on my phone! Louis and liam on the set of our macys Xmas commercial for the perfume last year



Are these the three stages of sex?? 

Which stage is Pikachu?


WesHarrington1: @Louis_Tomlinson hope you enjoyed your cosmopolitans on Sunday. Good to meet you. From the @ZestMixology crew x

I’m going to break my anonymity a teeny bit and admit something. My nightlife job is as a bartender.
This tweet telling the world louis drinks cosmos is SHADE.
While I don’t work in the UK, I’ve worked with many people from all over and there are some slang terms that many bartenders use describe customers to each other without getting in trouble for talking shit.I wouldn’t say *everyone* uses these, but a lot of people do.
(Please note: drinking these drinks does not mean we bartenders think you are this person, but a rum & coke is still a rum &coke even if she’s drinking a vodka soda, or wine, or whatever.)
Rum & Cokes : trashy, loud, tip badlyJagerbombs: happy, but messy. Looking to get wasted. Rye Manhattans: attractive older men who have excellent bar grace while prowling for action. Beer and shot girl: badass and cuteLong Island ice teas: underage Cosmo guy: gay
So yeah. They’re pointing out that they think he’s gay.




what do random people drink from

a stRAWR xD

im in painĀ 

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